Meet Paul

I am running for House District 59 in Southwest Colorado because I understand that our region is a place that draws individuals who love independence. We are all here for the freedom and opportunity that this part of Colorado offers. The common-sense, practical people of Southwest Colorado need someone in the State Legislature who truly understands them and can represent them fully.

        I have lived in Colorado all my life because I love our state. I spent my career as a game warden and law enforcement officer  because I believe in standing up for what you love and protecting what is ours.

        Like most folks in our community, I am frustrated and angry with how politicians are acting both nationally and in Colorado. We can do better. I am running as a Southwestern Colorado Independent because I believe that’s how I can best serve our community - as an Independent legislator.  I won’t be beholden to party bosses or special interests -- just the people in our district. No other candidate can say that.

        I look forward to earning your vote and being your voice for rural Colorado.


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