Can these 250 people meeting in Denver boost independent candidates into office?

In an era of hyper-political partisanship and a growing number unsatisfied voters, a group of about 250 politicians, strategists and activists plan to gather in Denver this weekend to make it easier to elect independent candidates.

At a downtown Denver hotel, attendees of the Unite America Summit may participate in conversations titled “Crashing the party,” “Unrig the system: How can independents advance reform?” and “What is an independent’s most compelling pitch?”

The political organization behind the conference is Unite America, which has the long-term goal of “disrupting” the nation’s political duopoly and electing more independent candidates to statehouses and Congress to bridge the yawning partisan divide. Organizers hope the two-day event, which they call the first of its kind in modern history, will propel their movement through the 2018 midterm elections and beyond.

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