It is time for a statehouse independent

I am writing to express my support for independent candidate Paul Jones for Colorado House District 59. Paul has successfully petitioned onto the ballot as an unaffiliated candidate, which means that for the first time voters will have a non-partisan choice this fall as they consider who they want to represent them in the state legislature. Paul has a background in natural resources including wildlife management, land conservation and protecting private property rights. He is reasonable, a good listener, knows the issues facing our region, and has integrity. Paul’s first priority will be the welfare of the people he is representing, not the welfare of a political party. I hope you will consider supporting Paul and check out his website. I served in the Colorado statehouse from 2004-2010 on behalf of House District 61. Paul is exactly whom we need to represent our interests and get something done.

Kathleen Curry


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  • Kathleen Curry