Meet Paul

I’m Paul Jones, an Independent Candidate from Southwest Colorado running for House District 59. I’m a Colorado native, born in Montrose. I am proud to have been endorsed by Unite Colorado, a grassroots organization that supports Independent candidates throughout the state.

I have dedicated my life to public service as a law enforcement officer, game warden and biologist. I have just retired, and I want to continue my service to our community by bringing our Southwest Colorado values to the State House. As a game warden, it was my responsibility to protect the wise use of the natural resources that previous generations had left for us, to defend our way of life, and leave my community a better place than I found it. I’m just as frustrated and angry as you are about what politicians are doing to Colorado and the Country as a whole.

My wife, Kathy, a teacher and I have been married for 24 years. We’ve lived in Gunnison since 1995 have raised two boys, aged 19 and 17 there.  We’ve worked hard to instill in them the values of hard work, honesty, and kindness for others. During this time, we have watched as these same values have disappeared from public discourse in state and national politics. It’s time for ordinary citizens to take back the political process and to be in the state legislature, people who can actually be stateswomen and statesmen, not Democrats or Republicans.

Like you, I have had it with not being represented, the political bickering, the inability of politicians to negotiate, or solve problems. Instead of representing their constituents to make lives better all Coloradans, they pander to party leadership, special interests and corporations.

Like many Americans, my family recently went through a major medical crisis Our eldest son was diagnosed with two autoimmune disorders just as he left for college. On top of the monumental expense of higher education, we suddenly had to spend almost a quarter of our annual income on medical expenses. Without the help of family and friends, our family would have been forced to choose between paying for his education or his health care. This is not the American Dream. We should know that when we have decent health insurance, that we are not going to go bankrupt. We must have adequate healthcare in this country to pay for medical emergencies so our families are not completely wiped out by a single family healthcare crisis.

My mother was a lifelong Democrat and my father was a lifelong Republican. I’ve have been a lifelong Independent. I’m running as an Independent because my parents taught me that when something is broken, you must take personal responsibility to fix it. The best way to fix our broken political system right now is to elect a Southwest Colorado Independent who won’t be beholden to political parties or special interest groups. I commit to continuing to being a practical, common-sense leader in our community. Southwestern Colorado has long been ignored by Denver politics and together we can stop that.

By focusing on practical solutions rather than ideological differences and seeking common ground, we can ensure that the timeless values of opportunity, equality, and stewardship help Coloradans improve their own lives. We must be honest champions of integrity, transparency, and accountability. We can bring honor back to the political process. We may have different ideas and approaches to solving problems, but we can commit ourselves to finding the best solutions and work together to solve problems.

Colorado is the most beautiful state in the Country and the San Juans are the most beautiful part of Colorado. Our campaign is committed to helping rural communities succeed by promoting small businesses and reduce government regulations that hinder their success. We are committed to supporting the middle class so that we can actually afford to save for our children’s college education and give them a better life than we have. I am committed to bringing industry to Colorado to create decent paying jobs while ensuring the setting that we love is maintained for future generations to use as well. That means protecting our water and natural resources from irresponsible use by the Front Range.

We all know that Republicans and Democrats in office are incapable of this. That’s why our campaign will be successful. I know what it means to work hard, and I intend to earn your vote. Elect me as an Independent and be a part of this change.